Two Undercover Angels

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directed by: Jess Franco
produced by: Adrian Hoven
starring: Rosanna Yanni, Jannine Renaud
81 mins.

Two exciting beauties, DIANA and REGINA, go to an art exhibition by an artist with a mysterious reputation. The artist of mystery specializes in portraying scenes of violent death. Despite the efforts of the press to discover his identity, it has been kept a secret.

At the exhibit, DIANA observes two of his macabre works. They remind her of a girl who had disappeared under strange circumstances the year before. Mystified and intrigued, DIANA breaks into the gallery at night and cuts the painting out of its frame, the one portraying the missing girl in agonizing death. However, she is unable to remove the life-size statue of the same girl.

DIANA takes the painting to the lost girl's millionaire boyfriend. The millionaire is astonished. He identifies the girl in the painting as his missing girlfriend, absolutely certain for the painting shows its subject wearing the very ring he gave his girl a few days before her disappearance. The wealthy man offers DIANA a small fortune to solve the case. REGINA in the meantime starts investigations at the gallery. She entices the elderly gallery director to her house. Under the full impact of her "charm" and a plentiful supply of wine, he begins to talk. About to reveal the identity of the mysterious artist, the window is shattered by a shot, and the old man is killed.

REGINA hurries back to the gallery to take another look at the statue. A handsome young man, VITTORIO, is removing it. REGINA makes a quick decision and trips him. The statue crashes to the floor and shatters! Inside the statue is the corpse of the missing girl, her features, distorted in agony. VITTORIO dashes from the gallery and disappears. A careful search of the gallery reveals portraits of three other girls who have vanished from sight. The mystery artist and his uncovered "gallery of horrors" deepens.

REGINA and DIANA scour the fleshpots of the city. They spot the illusive VITTORIO in a swinging nite club. About to collar him, the girls are accosted by a man who introduces himself as CLAUS TILLER and says he would like to "immortalize" DIANA'S beauty on canvas. Feminine instinct tells DIANA to stick to this man, as his untimely butting in had enabled VITTORIO to escape again. DIANA accepts CLAUS TILLER'S invitation to go to his secluded house to see his art. REGINA follows them in her car, unseen. At his house TILLER reveals himself as the millionaire as a hideous ape-like man creeps up behind DIANA and grabs her.

DIANA writhing in the hairy monster's arms sends TILLER into ecstasy, precisely the scenes he needs to inspire his art works of horror, a desirable girl struggling in the face of revolting death. But REGINA arrives and saves DIANA. The girls depart leaving two corpses behind.